Toolkit on ethical transfer, reuse and disposal of museum collections

The UK Museums Association has published a toolkit to help museums ensure that their collections are well managed, sustainable, actively used and that deaccessioning is a regular task of collections management.

Off the Shelf: a toolkit for ethical transfer, reuse and disposal provides ethical advice on transfer, reuse and disposal to encourage museums to take a more active approach to appropriate disposal, while ensuring safeguards are in place to protect collections and public trust in museums.

About the toolkit, the UK Museums Association’s Director Sharon Heal said “The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges that we face as a society and museums across the UK are working with their communities to support action towards net zero. But we also have to do our bit within the museum space to break the cycle of endless accumulation and think more proactively and dynamically about our collections. This means undertaking active disposal and deciding where objects are best held. This toolkit will support museums to work with communities to make the best use of our rich and diverse collections.”