One to One Mentoring

Museum professionals in education roles gain the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues in recurring individualised meetings. We are thrilled to offer One to One Mentoring exclusively to NEMO members thanks to a partnership with the Group for Education in Museums (GEM).

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Next Mentoring opportunity

The next call for applications will be issued in early 2024.

5 persons were selected for the programme cycle running from September-November 2023.

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Who can participate?

  • The Mentoring programme is open to NEMO member organisations.
  • NEMO members may appoint individuals from their network.
  • Staff and steering committee members of NEMO members may apply.

Why take part?

  • Individual support by experienced senior museum professionals who understand your field.
  • Help setting and achieving goals that support your career growth.
  • International networking opportunity.

What’s the cost?

  • Upon selection, NEMO members participate in the Mentoring Programme free of charge.
  • The One to One Mentoring Programme is only open to people active within NEMO member organisations.

Apply before 31 July

What to expect

Mentees will be supported and empowered by experienced GEM Mentors in 2-3 online one to one mentoring sessions (each lasting 60-90 minutes). The mentors are senior museum professionals from across the United Kingdom that volunteer their time to the GEM programme to support the career development of sector colleagues, typically those who perform learning functions within their organisations.

Learn more about the programme in the video.

NEMO issues two calls per year to annually grant ten persons connected to NEMO organisations the chance to benefit from the expertise of the GEM Mentors. Mentees are carefully matched with a suitable mentor based on their needs and priorities for development. Learn about the impressions and benefits experienced by the first 10 participants in the training opportunity.

GEM’s One to One Mentoring Programme is usually exclusive to members of GEM. Therefore, we are incredibly pleased about this partnership that allows us to extend a great training offer to professionals connected to NEMO member organisations. Below, we have summarized important information about the One to One Mentoring programme as offered to NEMO members. You will find more details in GEM's Mentee Information Pack.

  • The mentoring agreement

    Throughout the mentoring process both the mentor and mentee are expected to:

    • Be respectful of each other’s views and experiences.
    • Actively listen.
    • Be open and honest.
    • Understand that the contents of the mentoring sessions are confidential.
    • Be aware of the programme expectations.
  • What the mentor brings

    The mentor shares their experience with the mentee while providing support, advice and assistance in a way that empowers the mentee. To ensure successful mentoring, the mentor will bring:

    • Tools, tips and techniques.
    • Listening carefully and looking for patterns.
    • Facilitation through questioning and reframing to look at something from a different perspective.
    • Expertise – whilst we will focus on heritage education there’s a lot of other expertise that we bring as well.
    • Signposting to other sources of information - e.g. TED talks, interesting stuff, reading.
    • Encouragement – we might challenge your normal comfort zone and we will support your thinking and solution development.
    • Keeping up-to-date - what’s happening in the sector as a whole.

    Please note that GEM mentors are unable to provide business development or legal support.

  • What the mentee brings

    A mentee is typically someone who has identified a specific goal that they believe will be achieved with the guidance and help of a mentor. In NEMO's call for applications, people are asked to define their motives, strengths and top 3 priorities for development.

    For the mentoring sessions, the mentee is expected to bring:

    • Their own experiences.
    • An understanding of their motives, strengths and development needs.
    • An open mind and willingness to try new things.
    • A willingness to learn and grow.
    • A commitment to reflection and preparation.

    Once the mentor/mentee matches have been made it is the mentee’s responsibility to contact the mentor to arrange the online meetings, prepare for the sessions as well as to reflect on the sessions and how they can take it forward.

  • About GEM

    GEM - Group for Education in Museums is a thriving and vibrant membership network of over 850 institutional and personal members. Their vision is of a connected and equipped community of people enabling learning across museum, heritage and cultural settings, creating inspiring experiences, relevant for everyone; that promote equality - transform and enrich lives.

    NEMO is thrilled about the partnership with GEM, which started in January 2022, since it adds a new layer to NEMO’s capacity building offers for our members.

Mentoring participant, autumn 2022

It was a wonderful experience from which I've learned so many useful methods of approaching the audiences, create my activity plan and communicate with the beneficiary.