The NEMO Working Group Digital Transformation supports European museums to fully tap the potential that digitalisation holds for museums. A particular focus lies on the opportunities and challenges of opening and using museum collections online.

Our Actions

  • We identify new processes, tasks and challenges for the museums on digitalisation and IPR.
  • We provide decision makers, museum organisations and stakeholders with relevant information.
  • We offer support and a space to share experiences and best practice in the digital context for museums.
  • We shape NEMO’s actions in the fields of digitalisation and copyright legislation with and for museums.

We are currently working on...

  • Distributing the recent report on basic digital cataloguing and exploring themes for the next research.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will soon be announced.
    Until then learn about our previous meeting in Milan with a focus on digitalisation and audience.


By NEMO Working Group Digital Transformation

By NEMO Working Group Digitalisation and IPR

Join us!

Sylvia Willkomm, Head of Communication at the German Museums Association, leads this working group. If you would like to join, please get in touch with Kindly note that NEMO Working Groups are open to NEMO members only.

Please note that the Working Group changed name in January 2023 from Digitalisation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to Digital Transformation.