Networking & Cooperation

Networks build trust, nurture relationships, set aligned agendas and help to exchange knowledge and experiences to help their members to learn and build their capacity. NEMO offers a platform for museums and museum organisations to develop shared projects across borders.

The power of networks

  • Networks provide information, experience and trusted partners to help members work together at an international level.
  • They are coordinating entities that develop intercultural skills that act as catalyst for knowledge specialisation and provide unique levels of expertise.
  • They raise awareness of new challenges and work together proactively to shape the responses to them.
  • Networks provide a model for sustainable co-operation because they are based on shared purposes that build long-term communities based on shared goals.  

Our current project

NEMO is participating in various EU-funded projects and other kinds of cross border collaborations to actively strengthen and professionalise the European museum sector.

CHARTER Alliance

The Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance funded project "Cultural Heritage Actions to Refine Training, Education and Roles (CHARTER)" will address skills shortages and unemployment in the heritage sector by creating a blueprint for sector skills strategy and development. The project started in January 2021 and will last for four years.


Our previous EU projects

Many of our EU funded partner projects have produced valuable outputs for museum professionals across Europe. Below you will find a record of the main outcomes of the recently finalised projects, including helpful tools and contacts.

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CHARTER - the European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance has released a new report: “Identifying gaps and needs in the educational and training programmes”. NEMO is one of the consortium partners of the Erasmus+ funded project.

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