This working group contributes to the sustainable development of the European museums through research and advocacy and  provides a space to exchange knowledge and experiences aligned with tackling the climate crisis. 

Our Actions

  • We contribute to the sustainable development research and best practice within the European museum sector.
  • We advocate NEMO’s key messages on the 2030 Sustinable Development Goals and other relevant initiatives.
  • We keep NEMO’s members well informed about opportunities to take action on climate and offer expertise to help them organise their organisation's sustainable transition.
  • We arrange study visits to learn about museum and other cultural heritage organisations addressing their carbon footprint and reaching their sustainable goals.
  • We organise meetings and special programmes with guest speakers during NEMO’s annual conference.

We are currently working on...

  • Setting the agenda and aims for our first active year.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will soon be announced.
    Until then learn about our previous, and first, meeting that offered insights into the sustainable research and initiatives by KIK-IRPA, NEMO's recent report and laid down the foundations of the group.


Join us!

Estelle De Bruyn, Head of the Sustainability Unit at KIK-IRPA, leads this working group. If you would like to join, please get in touch with Please note that NEMO Working Groups are open to NEMO members only.