Explore NEMO’s recently completed European cooperation projects

NEMO has published a new page that offers an overview of European cooperation projects that the network was part of developing and completing. Have a look to learn about the outcomes and achievements of MOI! Museums of Impact, inDICEs and Be Museumer.

The EU funded partner projects have produced several valuable resources for museum professionals across Europe. Therefore, NEMO wanted to be sure that there is a record of the main outcomes, including helpful tools and contacts. Learn more about the three projects on the new webpage and find an overview below.

    BE MUSEUMER ran from 2019-2022 and received funding under the Creative Europe programme to develop opportunities for learning and research exchange in the South Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan). The project responded to the urgent need for continuous learning in the region to improve capacity building for early to mid-career museum staff. On the page, NEMO has highlighted the final conference and two online training opportunities that NEMO was part of organising. 
  • inDICEs – Measuring the Impact of Cultural Heritage
    inDICEs ran from 2020-2023 and received funding under the Horizon 2020 programme to enable the advancement of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in Europe. inDICEs developed a framework to measure the socioeconomic impact of digital culture that enables CCIs to navigate the landscape of legal policies and regulations in order to galvanise creative production and cultural participation. On the page, NEMO has highlighted various outcomes of inDICEs such as the Open Observatory, the MOOC, digital toolkits and information about trainings that were organised within the framework of inDICEs.  
  • MOI! Museums of Impact
    MOI! Museums of Impact ran from 2019-2022 and received funding under the Creative Europe programme. The project was initiated as a response to the changing world in which museums operate that expects museums to be relevant and to contribute to better futures for their societies. On the page, NEMO is hosting the final result of the project: the MOI Framework, a tool that helps museums discuss, evaluate, and choose development goals to increase their impact in society.  

To increase the participation of museums in European cooperation projects funded by the European Union, NEMO also links to its toolkit Cross-Border Cooperation for Museums - From a Project Idea to a Successful Proposal: A Toolkit on the webpage.