Cultural Creators Friendship Group expresses concerns about further cuts of Creative Europe funding

On 20 July 2023, the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) sent a letter of concern to the European Council regarding the Council’s position to further reduce the 2024 budget of the Creative Europe programme.

A few days prior to the letter was sent, the Council had reached an informal agreement to cut funding to Creative Europe by another 40 million euro. 13 Members of Parliament who are part of the CCFG, reacted by sending a letter calling upon the Council to revise the approach on the 2024 budget of the Creative Europe programme before the adoption of the Council’s formal position.

The CCFG writes that they “strongly believe that culture is the backbone of our society and that Creative Europe, the only EU programme dedicated to support culture, needs string political backing, and more than ever”.

The letter also mentions the recent vote by the European Parliament’s CULT committee to increase the Creative Europe 2024 budget by 43 million euro.