Wrap up of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project

On 26 February 2020, the Intangible Cultural Heritage & Museums Project (IMP) held its Concluding Symposium in Brussels, Belgium. At the symposium, the IMP book and toolkit were presented. NEMO was an associated partner of the Creative Europe funded project, which was active from 2017-2020.

David Vuillaume, Chair of the NEMO Executive Board, took part in a roundtable at the symposium, which welcomed more than 120 participants from Europe and raised a wider interest across the globe through online streaming.

The programme featured, among others, a keynote by Dr. Amareswar Galla (Institute for the Inclusive Museum), a roundtable with representatives from UNESCO, ICOM International, ICH NGO Forum, NEMO, and Werkplaats immaterieel erfgoed, which was the lead partner of the project.

You can relive the Symposium by watching the videos of the livestreaming. In addition, the written report is now available online, as well as the photo album.

IMP-Book and Executive Summaries

The book explores the contact zones and immersion of the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage within museums’ work. It explores the variety of approaches, interactions and practices that blossom when intangible cultural heritage and museums connect. It promotes reciprocal understanding of different methods, possibilities and approaches, and it fosters fruitful interfaces of museums’ activity with intangible heritage to be taken into further elaboration in the future.


The executive summary of the book:

Browse the IMP-toolkit

IMP has been mapping the needs that exist in relation to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage together with museums. Based on the input provided by everyone involved, IMP has developed tools that could be of help or inspiration to support the process of safeguarding living heritage.

The toolkit includes, among others, a reference framework on ICH and Museums, an introductory booklet, brainstorm exercises, inspirational cases, and so on. 

Your feedback matters

Did the project have any impact on your work in relation to museums and safeguarding intangible heritage? Your input will be processed with an eye on reporting and on developing future projects.

Short surveys have been developed for three types of target groups: