Revisit the conference Museums and Social Responsibility – What's Next?

 This is a graphic announcing the conference on museums and social responsibility. The text is accompanied by abstract and colourful shapes in red, yellow and blue.

Recordings from the two-day conference, which took place from 23-24 September 2021, are available to watch online. 745 participants tuned in to the online conference to reflect on the museum’s role in a changing society and dealing with social issues.

The conference acknowledged the need for museums to fully understand contemporary societal issues to contribute to social responsibility. The speakers addressed topics such as cultural democracy and equality, climate change and green museums, future skills and needs as well as the use of technology in museums.

NEMO Chair David Vuillaume delivered an opening speech at conference, which was organised in connection to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, by the Slovenian Museums Association in partnership with NEMO and the General Direction Cultural Heritage Portugal (DGPC).

Participants joined from Slovenia, Croatia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Australia, UK, Serbia, Finland, France, Netherland, Bosnia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Estonia, India, Malta, Slovakia, Czechia, Sweden, Austria, Malaysia, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, Norway, Estonia, the USA, Denmark, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference was the final of three museum conferences that were organised in connection to the Trio of Presidencies of the European Union (Germany, Portugal and Slovenia). The first edition Museums and Social Responsibility - Values revisited (Germany) was organised by NEMO from 17-18 September 2020. The second edition Museums and Social Responsibility - Participation, Networking and Partnerships (Portugal) was hosted by DGPC from 23-24 March 2021.