Report on measuring the economic value of museums digital offers

A recent report published by the Arts Council England, analyses how contingent valuation techniques can be used to measure the economic value of museums and galleries digital offers.

The aim of the report was to analyse if it would be possible to estimate the value of a museum or gallery’s digital offer using the same economic valuation techniques applied to the traditional offline offer. The findings suggest a tentative yes paired with a caution that “digital offer” is a slippery concept.

The report authors define “digital offer” as any online content offered by art galleries and museums specifically, which may include audio and visual imagery, games, videos, social media posts and more.

Arts Council England (ACE) initiated the report as part of its programme of research on how arts and cultural organisations can use economic valuation techniques to better demonstrate their social and cultural value to the wider public. ACE recognised the need to explore their applicability to digital culture, such as the online content offered by cultural institutions on their websites.