Register to a NEMO Webinar on using cultural heritage to foster social cohesion

© Image: Tetiana Shevereva People walk on a street where several pictures have been hung on a wall creating a kind of outside gallery. The people look at the pictures as they walk by.

© Image: Tetiana Shevereva

On 27 April from 12:00-13:00 CEST, experts from the MEMEX project will introduce participants to working with digital storytelling to shape a more inclusive society. Register to the free NEMO Webinar to learn how outdoor heritage may be used to foster social cohesion by empowering historically underrepresented communities.

In this NEMO Webinar, participants will get to know the European 3-year MEMEX project, which promotes social cohesion through collaborative, heritage-ICT (Information and Communications Technology)-related tools that provide access to tangible and intangible cultural heritage (CH) and facilitate encounters, discussions, and interactions between communities at risk of sociocultural exclusion. The MEMEX approach combines both social and technological innovation. 

It is a strong example of how cultural heritage and its re-interpretation and reuse through digital storytelling is a key medium in shaping a more inclusive society and creating inclusive audience development strategies. Webinar participants will be introduced to the audience & mobilization engagement strategy, digital storytelling & policy recommendations developed by the project. Strategic similarities and differences will be showcased with learnings from three project pilots in Paris (France), Lisbon (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain).

  • Participation in the NEMO webinar is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Please note that the webinar is limited to 200 participants on a first come, first serve basis.

More about MEMEX - MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling

The final tools of MEMEX will allow the communities to tell their stories and to claim their rights and equal participation in the European society.

The technological embodiment of MEMEX is an app installed on a smartphone allowing non-expert users to create and visualise stories related to their personal memories and experiences digitally linked to the geographical locations of either intangible (e.g. an event) or a tangible cultural places/object. The interface, designed on the needs of the community, will allow users to annotate using Augmented Reality (AR) any physical object or location with their memories in the form of digital images, videos, audio recordings or textual input using a smartphone. Then, the targeted communities will be able to connect their experiences and memories with a new Knowledge Graph (KG), linking CH items and places with stories that are bound and entangled within the European history. Effectively, the users of MEMEX will be active actors shaping contemporary and historical content, including new material from their experiences and memories, and personalising cultural heritage and creative media content in a meaningful and social inclusive manor.

MEMEX is funded under the Horizon 2020 programme.