Register to a NEMO Webinar on embracing digital technologies

© Image: Insung Yoon A girl is using a pair of VR goggles in a gallery space. The child is smiling and the goggles mirror the smile with happy eyes animation.

© Image: Insung Yoon

On 14 October at 11:00 CEST, Olaf Sperwer, Head of Digital at VRmed, will facilitate a NEMO webinar titled “The museum of the future: Digital transformation and immersive technologies”. The webinar will help museums realise their digital potential and help create digitally and immersive confident museum professionals.

The pandemic has showed museums the many benefits of digital and immersive technologies such as virtual- and augmented reality. However, there is a need for up-skilling and training of museums professionals on how to use the new technologies. Olaf Sperwer's NEMO Webinar will give an overview of post-pandemic transformation concepts where digital and immersive technologies can be offered as new services to engage and share experiences with visitors and create new alternative funding sources. Based on case studies, the participants will learn about possibilities and limits of digital and immersive technologies. They webinar will also discuss costs and monetarisation models.

Olaf Sperwer

Olaf Sperwer is a senior technology consultant and Head of Digital at VRmed Ltd (Immersive Technology Development) based in the UK. Sperwer has a master of Psychology and Economy. In his early professional life he developed TV formats for children such as “Logo”, a news program on the German TV channel ZDF. Sperwer consults and supports businesses worldwide using digital and immersive analytic and production technologies to transfer traditional business models into digital environments. He works for leading companies in the cultural, media, and health industry. Sperwer is a leading member of several international research projects that evaluate immersive technologies.

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