NEMO Training on how to Activate the Well-being Potential of your Museum

Participants are brainstorming challenges and opportunities.

10 NEMO members got familiar with hands-on tools to increase the feeling of well-being in the museum at a NEMO International Training Course in Paris, France, on 27 September 2019.

Diane Drubay, founder of WeAreMuseums, and Julie Rouzaud, Interaction Strategist at Centvingsix/ WeAreMuseums, lead the well-received training. The participants got to experience a hands-on and practical workshop where they contributed with their own experiences in regard to well-being at the museum, as well as to pin point current challenges and turn them into triggers of well-being.

Diane Drubay started off the day by introducing the participants to the museum’s new roles and qualities, illustrated with international best practices and discussions about the top-priority impacts for museums. Museums’ soft power is strong and their impact on one’s life should be incontestable today.

The training was immensely appreciated by the participants; "An inspiring workshop full of brainstorming which activated our creativity with the intention of enhancing museum visitors' wellbeing".

Some initial examples of easy and straight-forward ways to create feelings of well-being and happiness at the museum are space for contemplation and relaxation, meet the visitors’ basic needs, create calm atmosphere, let the audience interact with the exhibition. In the workshop, the group continued working on ways to create a first happiness-focused step in their museum.

Workshop leaders

Diane Drubay, Founder, We Are Museums

Founder of We Are Museums, Diane accelerates the transformation of museums internationally since 2007. She leads consulting missions in strategy, identity and innovation but also training and courses, organization and curation of international professional meetings like We Are Museums and Museum Connections or futureoriented interventions around the museums of the future. She also co-founded Museomix, a hackathon for museums in 2011 and founded the Museum Think Tank Berlin in 2014 that are now both supported by the community.

Julie Rouzaud, Interaction Strategist, CentVingtSix/WeAreMuseums

An engineer by training, a graduate of the Ecole de Guerre Economique, she founded CentVingtSix, an innovation agency to support project leaders, startups and SMEs in accelerating their innovation. She puts at their service its skills in strategy and economic intelligence to allow them to better analyze their market and its evolutions, and to develop a coherent and impactful business model.