Museums association directors met to learn how to navigate the EU policy and advocacy jungle

On 7 November 2019, right before NEMO’s European Museum Conference 2019, the first NEMO Directors' Meeting took place at the Estonian National Museum. On a yearly basis, directors of NEMO member museums associations will be invited to exchange views, discuss trends and key developments in the European museum sector as well as to learn more about a specific field.

The participating directors got to update each other on news and challenges of museum sector trends, get support on common issues and find joint strategies as well as a chance to exchange with the NEMO Executive Board.

At the first meeting, the focus was set on how to navigate the jungle of EU policy. The participants got to learn how Brussels work, how to get one’s message across as well as which channels and instruments are at disposal. Katharina Weinert from the European Music Council gave a presentation about EU policies, trends and actors to introduce the participating directors to the topic and the workshops “Advocacy” and “Organisational & Staff Development”. The workshop sessions provide the participants with a forum to share insights with colleagues and get input on aspects of their work and organisation.