Learnings museums made from the Covid-19 pandemic

 Text Reopenings over a collage of three colourful pictures.

The American Alliance of Museums has released a special series of in-depth reports examining some of the long-term lessons, mindsets and practices museums have learned and adopted from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new resource Reopenings: What Museums Learned Leading through Crisis covers three main themes in three separate reports of case studies with multimedia.

  • Reboot
    Looks at how museums accelerated their digital transformation and the aspects they will carry forward into our hybrid future.
  • Reflection
    Examines those museums who used the crisis as an opportunity to become institutions that have social impact by working with their communities
  • Responsibility
    Highlights museums that practised a human-centred leadership during the pandemic that allowed them new ways to manage their most valuable asset: their people.