Culture x Climate 2020 inspires to a climate-neutral and resilient world

From 12 October to 27 November 2020, the virtual forum “Culture x Climate 2020” will unite leaders, practitioners, activists, researchers, and experts. They will exchange on and learn how arts, culture and heritage can help drive transformative climate action in our communities, networks, cities, and regions.

Culture x Climate is organised by the Climate Heritage Network, of which NEMO is a member, and it aims to enhance the capacity of the arts, culture and heritage sectors to help build a climate-neutral and resilient world in the time of COVID-19. It aims to promote new partnerships between cultural actors and stakeholders across sectors. It also aims to prepare the culture sector to play its part in driving greater ambition at the next UN Climate Summit (COP26) and beyond. Culture x Climate is leading up to the Climate Heritage Week 2020, which runs from 16-22 November.

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Each week, a new theme will be highlighted and every Friday from 16:00-17:00 CET that theme will be dealt with in a webinar. The theme of Week 2 (19-25 October) is Local Action and Supporting Climate Action by Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples.

The Climate Heritage Network was founded to increase the ambition and capacity of the arts, culture and heritage sectors to help tackle the climate emergency. It is currently pursing that aim through eight separate activities that make up its Madrid-to-Glasgow Arts, Culture and Heritage Climate Action Plan. Each webinar examines a different one of those activities.