Austrian museum professionals invited to a MOI Stakeholder Forum

On 21 March 2022, people active in the Austrian museum field are invited to join a free event presenting a quality management analysis tool and introducing the MOI! Museums of Impact project. The event takes place at the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Graz.

The Open Stakeholder Forum presents an opportunity for exchange between the MOI team and the intended target group of the final framework: people working at museums.

The MOI! Museums of Impact project focuses on the social impact of museums and their performance. The project's aim is to provide an analysis tool - easy to handle, practical in use and free - that museums can use independently for internal quality management. The development is carried out in close interaction with the European museum community in the context of Stakeholder Forums. In an interplay of awareness building, content-related input, first field reports and critical-creative exchange, you are invited to take part in this process. Join the event to support the development of the MOI impact assessment framework, which will benefit the museum sector at large.

MOI's analytical framework will support museums in a modern and contemporary way. It makes it possible to autonomously analyse their lasting impact on society, to define the impact qualitatively and quantitatively, to make it verifiable and to increase it. It motivates the independent development of goals and the provision of the necessary conditions, materials and steps. In enables the teams to immediately improve the associated processes, offers and services in the museum.

The final framework will be released at the end of 2022.

MOI! Museums of Impact

The European cooperation project MOI! Museums of Impact aims to develop a European self-evaluation framework for museums, with impact at its core, for the benefit of both museums and European citizens. The framework will help museums to develop their capacity to meet the demands of a changing, more diverse, increasingly digital and ageing society, by supporting them in evaluating and actively refocusing their work in line with their own strengths and strategies. Developing the framework is a joint effort of a partnership of 11 European museums, museum developers and public bodies, amongst them NEMO, led by the Finnish Heritage Agency.