Museums and Creativity

Creativity and innovation are fundamental dimensions of human activity and essential to economic prosperity. Museums nurture creativity and innovation; they form a collective memory and create a sense of direction, and they act as a space for reflection on the present and a source of inspiration for new creative and innovative concepts.

There is a growing interest in the role of 'cultural' and 'creative' activity in the economy in the last years. Museums have proven and continue to prove their contribution to the intangible and tangible benefits for society in this regard.

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Recent News in Museums and the Creative Economy

Digital Toolkit on Evaluation of Art and Culture Projects News, Learning, Cultural Creativity, Museum Management

20.03.2018 | ENCC has released a digital toolkit with the aim of encouraging and facilitating access to evaluation.
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"scModules" Explores Super-Hi Resolution Digitization of Museum Collections News, Museums in a Digital World, Cultural Creativity

01.03.2018 | The scModules project is part of the H2020 programme and sets out to identify and explore new opportunities that can be developed related to super-hi resolution (SHR) digitization of museum collections.
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Toolkit for Shared Decision Making News, Collection Mobility, Learning, Cultural Creativity, Urban Development, Museums as Social Agents, Museum Management, Audience Development, Sharing, Collaboration

25.01.2018 | Creative People and Places have recognised the need of making art locally accessible and release a helpful toolkit for involving local neighbourhoods in art projects.
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