Political Advocacy by museums

Since 2018, NEMO together with its members conducts internships at museums for politicians (and civil servants) at European level. The initiative stems from the very successful scheme of internships run by the Netherlands Museums Association. The internships aim to support and foster museums advocacy. The political internships are a format developed by the association to help museums get their social significance across to politicians and other stakeholders. The internships are part of the continuous programme "More than worth it" (find out more about the programme here - the information is only available in Dutch). 

To support other organisations in similar initiatives the Netherlands Museums Association has made its material on the matter available on NEMO's website.

Document 1: This document is a step-by-step guide to prepare for the organisation of a political internship.

Document 2: Here you can find the do's and don'ts when you are organising a museum internship for a politician. It is recommended to also send this document to the museum in question that is co-organising the political internship with you, since they are also responsible for the programme.

Document 3: Contains an example planning programme for the political internship.