Educational Value

Museums are a great environment for learning and for inspiration, for young people to learn about culture and for older people as part of life-long learning. Museums bring together people from all different backgrounds and help them to see their world in a multi-facetted way. Visiting a museum means learning, whether it's consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, formally, non-formally or informally.


NEMO believes that museums have an impact on people. Museums are institutions offering formal and informal learning to people of all ages by inspiring and engaging them, as well as helping people understand the world and their place within it.


To support museums being recognized by policy makers as rich learning environments and places of public engagement.


Education is still not always acknowledged as one of the main functions of museum work. Smaller museums with their lack of resources cannot always provide a comprehensive education programme.


  • to ensure that the policy makers at the national and European level understand and promote the role museums play in formal and informal learning.
  • to make formal and non-formal education bodies recognize museums as potential partners