Information about the Museums Organisation

General Deputy of State Museums

Foundation (Year):


17 museums. Management: General Deputy of State Museums.

56 museums. Management: regional governments


17 museums: State; Museo Nacional del Prado has a particular status, so, incomes and extra funding from sponsors are also available.

56 museums: State + regional governments


Have the museums/your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years?



What budget cuts in % are being made by (national) governments?

About 5% (to be updated next year)

How do museums cope with the budget cuts?

In general, budget cuts has been filled by museums in some of the aspects mentioned above: cutting in exhibition program, downsizing staff, cutting in collecting- and restoration program… but on the other hand, State has provide extra budget for cultural subventions and initiatives.

Number of museums in your country:

See website with all statistical results form Spanish Museums and collections:

Art and Design: 122 (Contemporary Art) + 29 (decorative Arts) + Fine Arts (183) + House-Museums (95)


Natural History:

Archaelogical: 180

Science and Technology: 59


Total number of museums: 1455


Ownership of Museums:

(Data 2008)

State: 156

Municipalities, communities: 

Regional government: 136

Local government: 644

Other public museums: 37

Ecclesiastical: 167

Other private museums: 288



Museum magazine: annual magazine, available online, from the General Directorate of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets. Ministry of Cultural. Spain

National Museum legislation and structure:

Legislation for Museums Management general deputy for State Museums; for those with regional government there is specific regional legislation)

=Real Decreto 620/1987, de 10 de abril, por el que se aprueba el Reglamento de Museos de titularidad estatal y del Sistema Espagñol de Museos.

=LEY 16/1985, de 25 de junio, del Patrimonio Histórico Espagñol (BOE de 29 de junio de 1985)




(last update 24/1/2011)