Number of museums (2009):

Art and Design: 142

History: 63

Science: 45

Natural History: 22

Special: 77

Other: 291

Total number of museums: 640

Professionally run museums: 125 accredited museums

Ownership of Museums:

State: 101

Municipalities, communities: 315

Private (foundations, associations, etc.): 188

Others: 36

Museum organisations:

General Directorate for Cultural Heritage (DGPC)
Palácio Nacional da Ajuda
1349-021 Lisboa

Tel.: +351 213614200
Fax.: +351 213637047

ICOM Portugal
Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa
Rua da Escola Politénica, 56
1250-102 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel. +351 213921869
Fax +351 213909326

Associação Portuguesa de Museologia (APOM)
Casa do Lago Estrada da Fonte da Telha
2070-384 Pontével
Tel. +351 919562826

Museum magazine: (2007-2011)
5 issues, published once a year by the former Institute of Museums and Conservation

ICOM Portugal newsletter
Published quarterly

Legislation and structure:

All categories of museums are administrated according to the Portuguese Law on Museums which was passed in 2004. The law defines the concept of museum, identifies the museum functions, creates the accreditation system and establishes the standards and procedures of accreditation. Successful outcomes can be found in the upgrading of the 125 museums (public and private) that joined the Portuguese Network of Museums through the voluntary accreditation system.

The museums are under the supervision of ministries, local authorities, foundations and private organisations.

The State supervision of the museum system and the management of the Portuguese Network of Museums are performed by the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage, which operate under the supervision of the Secretary of State for Culture.

(last update: 08.10.2013)