Information about the Museums Organisation
The Finnish Museums Association




Foundation (Year):



Museums/similar institutions: 192

Individuals:31 (old ones, not possible to take new individuals)


(state/municipal funded, membership fees, third party funds)

state:34%, membership fees 14%, training 15%, projects 24%, third party 13%

Have the museums/your institution experienced budget cuts in connection with the financial crisis in the last two years?

No, very few

Number of museums in your country:


(in % or total number) Art and Design: 77


Natural History:25

Special: 325

Total number of museums: 1076

Professionally run museums:349


Ownership of Museums:

State: 70

Municipalities, communities: 453

Private (foundations, associations, etc.): 553


Other museum organisations:

The National Board of Antiquities (state organization), ICOM Finnish Committee, Nordic Conservation Association Finnish Committee, Scandinavian Museums Association Finnish Committee

Museum magazine:

Museo - quarterly published by Finnish Museums Association


Museum legislation:

The Museums Act defines the task of a museum. Museums are granted a Government Grant towards their running expenses. A prerequisite for this grant is that the museum is owned by a municipality or an association of municipalities, or by a private association or foundation whose statutory activities include running or maintaining a museum.

"The goal for museums is to maintain and increase awareness of culture, history and environment. Museums shall practice and promote the research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge of the field by documenting, studying, preserving and displaying objects and other material about humans and their environment."
The Museum Decree defines the tasks of a provincial museum and a regional art museum. A national museum on a special subject shall promote and supervise museum activities within its special field.

Act on Cultural Property Protection (1963)

National Board of Antiquities Act and Degree (1972, 1992)

Act and Degree on Restriction to the Export of Cultural Property (1978, 1999)

Building Protection Act (1985, 1999)

The Museum Act and Degree (1992, 1996, 1998)

Act and Degree on the Finnish National Gallery (2000, 2004)


(Updated 16 December 2010)